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Omnipork Ngoh Hiang

by The Peranakan Restaurant Singapore


4.04 (9)

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26 July 2020
First time having Ngoh Hiang after 5 years!

I’m so happy to see vegan Peranakan food in Singapore because Peranakan food is very meat heavy. It’s not THAT good that I’d order it again but glad that I tried it anyway

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1 December 2020
This ngoh hiang dish was great, taste wise it's good and fried freshly.

The ngoh hiang could have been thicker in width to have more filling! That would make it even yummier.

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1 August 2020
First time trying meatless ngoh hiang!

It's not bad, but to me it tastes quite different from regular ngoh hiang. Great to see this on the menu.

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28 November 2019
I really enjoyed this starter!

It had the characteristic five spice aroma, perfectly seasoned and tasted exactly like the normal ones except lighter and thus less jelak👍🏻It was also crispy but not oily at all which was a plus point!😊

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30 March 2020
Ngoh Hiang is definitely done justice even in its plant-based form with Omnimeat.

The Peranakan once again comes through with their ability to satiate any sort of craving for authentic Peranakan food— and does so guilt-free with its plant-based menu!

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11 February 2020
there was nothing not to like!

it was really tasty and not too overly oily. reminded me of the non-vegan ngoh hiang my gramma used to used me when i was young :') definitely a must try!

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18 August 2020
It tastes exactly like the prawn “lumpiah” I used to have growing up.

Totally recommend! The chilli is super nice too

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31 December 2019
(Left side) Good classic ngoh hiang – vegans don't miss a thing! :) #fried

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5 November 2021
Their ngo hiang was really crispy with tasty omnimeat filling.

I’ve tried better ngo hiang elsewhere but this is not bad #veganisnotscary

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