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Most helpful reviews

Really good, crispy spring rolls. They are fried to perfection. The filling is like the

summer roll just deep fried! So good with the sweet chilli dipping sauce 😋

Don't be surprised by the size and quantity. This spring roll is extremely filling

No, this isn’t a blurry shot 🧐 The #springroll just look a little blurry. It’s

not the best in terms of presentation, sure, but it was still pretty good especially dipped in the #chillisauce they provided! It wasn’t as chewy as the past couple #springrolls I got, so it was definitely freshly fried 😋 This dipped in the crab soup I got was also pretty good! Between this and their summer rolls though, it’s tough to say I’d prefer them 😅


U get the feeling of freshness & the crunchiness from the cucumber, carrots and other

greens. The sauces are great combination.

Tried out this fried version.
Didnt feel too oily, filling was mushroom n tofu.

I much

prefer their summer rolls.

Tastes pretty good. I didn't miss the usual shrimp that goes in the traditional non

vegan version.

Unique texture of the skin. Filled with mixed veg and vermicelli.

Spring rolls with mushroom filling. Slightly too crispy perhaps?

Really enjoyed these spring rolls! Nice and crispy, but not oily, and good distribution of

tasty and well seasoned ingredients inside 😜. Bonus points for holding up quite well during delivery 👏

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