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  • Curious (Curry Rice)

Curious (Curry Rice)

by The Kind Bowl


4.31 (23)

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19 October 2020
A perfect dish.the curry was a blend of goid flavors.Spicy n nice. The fluffy, cooked

to perfection brown rice topped with white sesame complimented well.
8.60sgd n worth it.

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Where do I begin?! This is SO DELICIOUS. Loaded with so much vegetables. The curry

is really savoury with lemongrass and Bay leaves, and it comes with a side of brown rice. I will be back for more. 😋😫😍

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To me, this is consider a healthy version curry. The used veggies include lotus root,

monkey head mushroom, king oyster mushroom, brinjal, and turnip. The gravy is fragent and tasty, I could have just the curry gravy with rice.

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Delicious curry with good ingredients like one piece of lotus root, monkeyhead mushrooms, some other

few root veg and lots of herbs. Comes with rice.

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Curious curry with rice ($9.80):
Rating: 8/10
The curry was tangy and light. Flavours of the tangy

Thai red curry definitely came through with the Thai fresh herbs. Overall, it was flavoursome dish.

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A relatively unique fresher tasting rendition of curry rice. With a generous portion of rarely

seen in curry ingredients like lotus roots, paired with perfectly cooked rice. Will go for this if craving rice at the kind bowl, tho the no-crab-noodle is my all time favourite 👌👌

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Another dish that I ordered for delivery from The Kind Bowl. The curry gravy is

different from what I usually eat, it's more towards the sourish end (which I liked it a lot). The sour-spicy taste was very balanced and it taste very good with the rice. However, the portion is too little (there is only 2 monkey head mushrooms) and the rest are 🍆, 🍅 and some other veggies. I wouldn't mind ordering this again but I might need to upsize (hopefully they offer this option in future) or another main 😋

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I had the curry rice while my friend had the pho. The portion was pretty

small and that explained why the cashier asked if I wanted an upsize haha. The curry was delicious with the right amount of spice (not too spicy). The okra was quite crunchy, would prefer it to be cooked longer so it’ll be softer. Price is affordable considering it being in Somerset ($8.80). We both enjoyed our meals but I wished the portion was bigger haha. Will certainly return to try other dishes! :)

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