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Curry spot

by The Green Spot
4.47 (3)

About the restaurant

The Green Spot
The Green Spot39 dishes · 76 reviews

Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 12, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

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Most helpful reviews

Un curry que no pica excesivamente, acompañado de arroz negro

Curry spot. Uno de mis platos favoritos de este hermoso restaurante. 💚

I mean, good is good, but the value is not very high for me because

it was just vegetables (and not many also), no tofu or chickpeas or any legumes… for the price of 16,50€. Also on the menu it said 15,50 but the bill disagreed. Just too expensive for Barcelona’s standards, even if the place is fancy, c’mon, it’s coconut milk and spices!

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