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If you are looking for comfort food that is rich and very filling, then this

sub will certainly fulfill those needs. Filled to the brim, this sub sandwich was delicious. If I was picky on preferences, would be nice to have more caramelised onions and a little bit less of the tofu mayo. But, it was still tremendously enjoyable.
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Incredibly good, seitan bacon with the divine fussy vegan tofu mayo and fried onions, very

filling and an absolute winner all round #ashers

My favorite meal at the Fussy Vegan. This sub will keep you full the entire

day. It tastes delicious and is worth the treat everytime! The flavours are really well balanced - dill, mayo, caramelized onions, tofu and vegan bacon in a toasted wholewheat sub.

Cold and rainy weather - this meal hits the spot with a good old bit

of 'bacon' 😁. Caramelized onions for an onion lover marries the tofu mayo and bacon in perfect harmony. Abit pricey but I enjoyed it regardless.

My go-to comfort food. Tasty and filling. It’s flavoured quite well with the dill and

caramalised onions, the tofu has a nice texture and the seitan bacon balances it out quite well. Usually have to finish it over 2 days if I’m eating it alone!

I really loved this bacin tofu half a sub. My boyfriend also loved it and

even said he preferred this one. The chips were also great. I would definitely recommend ordering this.

R95 at The Fussy Vegan. Absolutely delicious. The sub is huge, great value for money.

Favourite thing on their menu! Highly recommended.

Really enjoyed this , will definitely have again
Portions were really generous, the whole grain

bun it is served on was also incredible

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