• Is DIY Bowl vegan? Yes! DIY Bowl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Hardly do I give a full star rating because there is always room for improvement,

but this is just so good. Ha! I love that they roasted most of their veggies which made them extra aromatic. Mad love for their pesto dressing, which you dont find in other salad bars. ❤️❤️❤️ #salad

Love the flavours at The Daily Cut. They do have seasonal ingredients to keep the

menu fresh. To veganise it, you get to choose 3 more supplements instead of a non vegan protein. Items that contain dairy are indicated on their ordering sheet. Macros available online.

Price: $14 (Paid $12.60)
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Love that they keep changing their salad options regularly.. you can choose the vegan items

from the mix and match menu.

In my bowl -
Base - Romaine + Kale
Veggies - Charred Broccoli, Roasted Pumpkin, King Oyster Mushroom
Topping - Roasted Hazelnuts
Dressing- Pineapple Salsa (spicy)

Sgd 9.50

Tried The Daily Cut for the first time on Sunday & even though it was

quite expensive as compared to B Salad, this bowl was really good! I got the petite bowl & really loved the curried cauliflower! Interesting how they had no tofu/beans available for this season’s menu. I was also able to choose 2 kinds of bases which is different from other places which usually only offers 1 base. Gotta bring my own container next time as they use disposables. #sweetolive

Was trying to grab a quick dinner before meeting my friends a KTV about 2

weeks ago (when they have not shut down yet and I remembered that Dailycut has launched their new spring menu! Ordered the medium bowl with brown rice & lettuce base, broccoli, asparagus, tofu, tempeh, spicy eggplants and mushrooms. Topped it up with nori and pesto sauce. First time trying their brown rice and it seems that they changed their tempeh and tofu flavour. The tempeh was well marinated w a spicy kick and tofu tasted a kinda sweet (not really a fan of sweet stuff). Enjoyed the eggplants though- well roasted and spiced too! Good salad bowl overall but might probably choose other salad places over this given the value in terms of amount vs cost

Bought this last week when I realized that they are going to change to their

spring menu soon. Ordered the medium bowl- sweet potatoes + lettuce, tempeh, parsnips, mung bean sprouts, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and Sichuan tofu with the spicy dressing. They scored on the sweet potatoes and tempeh this time round (first time trying). The other veggies were fine, nothing to shout about but give the entire salad an additional crunch! First time trying parsnips as well but only realized that I didn’t like the taste of it in this experience 😂. Also, only realized that they forgotten my Sichuan Tofu when I start reviewing this LOL.

So I finally decided to try out this place with its long queues one Friday

and boy, it was sooo worth it!

I got the regular bowl and ordered the whole grain pasta and cilantro lime quinoa as my base. For the supplements, I got cherry tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, tempeh, sichuan tofu, zucchini, charred brocolli and then walnuts as my toppings. And lastly pesto as my sauce!

Maybe slightly more expensive than other places but it was damn delicious 🤤✌🏻🥰

I had a petite bowl:
Kale base
Quinoa base
Sichuan tofu (changed protein to vegan option)
Baked tempeh

carrots 🥕 (cause sadly no more brussel sprouts )
Crushed hazelnut toppings
Lime squeeze dressing

Tot overall was very dry, maybe it’s the mix of ingredients I chose but felt there was no much omph. Will probably not taste it unless I’m in the area.

Haha paiseh for the horrible pictures, was too hungry 😋
#veganin2020 #singapore

Love that there are several options to customise your order to be vegan. Nutritious, yummy

and good. My trusted source of food when I haven’t the time to pack lunch for (& at) work

Pictured here is
Regular DIY - No-(meat)Protein option ($12)

Consists of broccoli, Thyme-roasted carrots, sweet corn, roasted pumpkin, pomegranate seeds, brown rice, loose leaf medley & pesto sauce :)

They have plenty of vegan choices if you make your own. I picked wholegrain pasta

base, brussel sprouts, cabbage (quite oily), and sambal tofu and maple tempeh. Generous portion. However I didn't know which dressings were vegan so had to get the garlic olive oil. Ordered on Deliveroo. Would be nice if they clearly label what dressings are vegetarian/vegan.

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