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Most helpful reviews

So flavourful! The caramelized onion and sauce really hit the spot. The portion size is

great too!

These bao buns were so delicious and saucy. A real flavour punch! I would suggest

a bit more tofu in them though for balance. Otherwise, it is a bit too starchy. The sauces are just divine and the presentation was so beautiful. Would have them again, but with added tofu.

Rainbow Bao buns.
Delicious. Light and fluffy buns. Flavourful tofu. Could have used more of

the caramelised onions and spicy mayo but still yummy.

Big portions
Can have it as just a main meal
Buns were a bit sticky so one

or two broke at the bottom

Extremely delicious. Just needs more sauce at the centre of the bun.

I really liked this dish, would definitely recommend. Very filling though, be careful!

Really devine. Super delicious & a must try. Great value for money.

Very average. I like the idea behind it but I didn’t enjoy how doughy it

was. I understand that it’s meant to be almost bread-like, but didn’t enjoy. Overall the filling is nice and the portion size is very large, but it’s almost a bit too much. Side note: very messy to eat, would NOT advise eating other than at home 🤣 unless you like to decorate your face with food. I think it would have been a better dish had they done 1 instead of 3, but then should have sweet potato fries with it. Something to break it up a bit because it’s very rich. Lots of flavors come through though

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