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Smoked Sage Seitan Burger

by The Cinnamon Snail
4.30 (2)

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The Cinnamon Snail
The Cinnamon Snail29 dishes · 47 reviews

2 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10121, USA

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Most helpful reviews

First, let me say, I was a bit taken about how this spot stayed so

busy with so many other choices around it. Made me so happy about everyone changing their lifestyle.
Okay, so now the review, lol!
I wanted to try a burger because I was dumb hungry, Dumb👏🏾 HUNGRY👏🏾!! So, I saw this one, it had so much stuff on it but I was ready. It won me because of the kale. Cause you know, you can't fail with kale. 😁
The Seitan itself was tender and flavorful, that was a good sign, the Ziti on it was good, different and a lot, but good. Marinated Kale, EVERYTHING! The garlic aioli good. But as you can tell already it's just a lot of flavors all at once. Oh, and it's on a pretzel roll. Its messy (get a fork with it) but really satisfying, just eat it slow. Cause baby....
You don't need anything else after it, it'll keep you good for about 4 hours. 🤣

All in all, its was good I'll be back to try more things.
And make sure, I'm dumb hungry again 🤣 to prepare.

I don’t normally enjoy mock meats like seitan, but something about the combo of marinated

kale with roasted garlic aioli made it super delicious

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