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  • Buffalo Chick’n Sandwich

Buffalo Chick’n Sandwich

by The Cider Press Café


4.97 (6)

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16 August 2020
Vegan buffalo sandwich is so tasty and a good concept and it’s an awesome way

to show non vegans new options! We love the ciderpress!

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27 August 2020
Saucy and delicious vegan chicken, as always.

I really love the blue cheese dressing on this sandwich.

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20 November 2019
Double battered fried chick’n with buffalo sauce, lettuce tomato and bleu cheez on a wheat

bun. Fries upgraded to “fancy loaded” garlic parm. A-M-A-Z-ING!

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30 November 2020
Waitress said they're known for this menu item.....definitely get this!!!!

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10 December 2019
The chick’n was incredibly crisp & the buffalo sauce was so flavorful!

This sandwich is something you dream about! Don’t allow yourself to start the year 2020 without indulging in this meal! Check out the...

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3 May 2020
The vegan blue cheese on this Buffalo chick'n sandwich is 💣🤯.

Get it with fancy loaded fries! It's satisfying, saucy, and flavorful.