Dubu Jorim (Spicy Pan Fried Tofu)

  • Is Dubu Jorim (Spicy Pan Fried Tofu) vegan? Yes! Dubu Jorim (Spicy Pan Fried Tofu) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

This is so delicious! Soft inside and crispy outside, with just the right amount of

spice(for me). I’ll order it again when I’m at this place 😍

This was yummy!! Crispy on the outside, soft and tender inside and had just the

right amount of sauce😋
Day 10 - #veganisnotscary

Pretty expensive for the dish. Taste outside was nice, need to dip into sauce for


really yummy soft tofu in a nice spicy sauce. Goes well with just about anything

on their menu.
If you’re after some vegan Korean-style delights Boneless kitchen is the place to go. They do vegetarian stuff too, and will clearly state which dishes contain egg/dairy/honey etc, and which of them can be made vegan. Portions of their mains might be quite large, so I’d remember to bring containers for the added bonus of leftovers the next day, or good company, or a healthy appetite.

This is one of my favourite dishes on their menu. Generous chunks of Tofu pan-fried

and finished tossed in a Korean chilli sauce with a hint of sweetness. A great side to share especially when you order some of their non-spicy mains.

Pan fried tofu tossed in gojuchang sauce I think! It was tasty. Slightly sweet and

spicy. It really wasn't very spicy at all so in case you're hesitant to try it because of the chili symbol, don't be!

Texture of the tofu is alike the “fishcake” tofu! This dish is super savoury, slightly

sweet and rather spicy. It’s very flavourful and great with rice!

For something who cant take the spice, this is worth it 😂 silken fried tofu

with quite a high spice level .

wow everything w this sauce is great!! i love the soft tofu together with the

sweet red sauce so yummyyy

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