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Nashville Hot & Crispy

by The Beer Plant


4.40 (7)

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8 September 2020
I loved the flavor so much!

Perfect texture! With a side of delicious Mac and cheese.

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1 September 2019
Tastes very good, but a little too spicy for my tolerance.

It includes a large fried, crispy oyster mushroom and a fresh pretzel bun. I also ordered a side of macaroni and cheese, which was pretty delicious!

The Beer Plant is an all-vegan bistro serving American comfort food and drinks.

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20 June 2019
The Nashville Hot & Crispy sandwich is a battered and fried king oyster mushroom served

on a pretzel bun. It’s one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten—crispy, with just enough spice. And the pretzel bun is baked in-house.

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30 July 2020

Don’t mind the plate, I got my food for pick-up so it’s at my own house haha. The fries are the perfect pub-style of just enough salt to oil ratio.

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14 January 2020
The was so fricken good I would go back to Texas just for it

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5 September 2019
Good and so creative but VERY spicy.

The pretzel bun was real good

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2 January 2020
I loved the crispness of the fried oyster mushroom with the sweetness of the pretzel

bun. While the overall taste was a tad spicy for my taste I would definitely order this again with the house blue cheese. I got it with fries and those were pretty standard.