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  • Honey Butter ‘Chicken’ Biscuit
  • Honey Butter ‘Chicken’ Biscuit

Honey Butter ‘Chicken’ Biscuit

by The Beer Plant


4.13 (3)

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9 July 2019
Although the description says the sandwich is a house made English muffin, the name says

biscuit so I was expecting a homemade vegan biscuit! :( Besides my brief disappointment, the chicken was great, although I liked it better in the buffalo sauce. The vegan egg was good, but the cheese was not that melty, maybe it wasn’t hot enough to...

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1 January 2020

Eat here as often and as much as possible

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30 June 2019
I have only been Vegan a little under 2 years, and prior to switching my

diet I used to love the Whataburger honey butter chicken biscuit.

When I had Beer Plant’s vegan version, I was so impressed! It tasted better than I had hoped...

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