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Second time eating salad as a whole meal lol. This time I got to try

the tempeh ecobomies was my first time trying tempeh. It's got an interesting texture and flavour to it but it's quite nice. Also got it with olives, sweet potato (loml), pasta, carrots, edamame and tofu. I never get salad on my own but it's a nice switch up as a healthy meal. Might just start doing it more. #salad #vegan #healthy

So #delicious, #affordable and #healthy! I highly recommend the roast zucchini and the tempeh 😋

Today I got double servings of pumpkin and tempeh, a portion of sweet potato, a portion of roast zucchini, and a portion of tofu.

Today I got sweet potato, tempeh, corn, black beans, roasted pumpkin, and tofu 😊 They

have at least twenty different options of toppings, but sweet potatoes and tempeh are definitely my go-tos. The lettuce and toppings always taste fresh, and the tempeh is always delicious. #affordable #healthy

Screw B salad tbh more like B stingy af with ingredients...I counted literally 3 slices

of peach and 4 cubes of pumpkin and they gave sooo little pasta. If you like them good for you but I've had it with them (along with charging mushrooms as meat) and I'm never going back!! 😡 #hangry #shouldhavejustgotmaggigoreng crunch is WAY better even tho it costs 50 cents more

First time trying the salad from here after seeing how my colleagues were raving about

it and it definitely didn't disappoint! $4.90 for 6 toppings (they offer a free topping if you bring your own container) is such a good deal especially in CBD area where everything is so expensive :( Love how generous they are with their serving portions and they offer a huge variety of toppings! Hence i was so stressed as i was queuing cos i had a hard time deciding what to get and everything just looks so fresh and yummy😂 Do try it when you are in this area! #healthy #hawker #cheap

Very affordable DIY salad with many yummy options 😋 and if you bring your own

container you get an extra topping! #ecofriendly My only complaint would be that they sometimes run out of pumpkin and tempeh (I came around 1:30 and there was no pumpkin left), so I recommend going early in the day.

absolutely love this place😻😻 this is my go-to place for lunch every day because it’s

very affordable for the food options they offer (they hv #friedtempeh !!) and they always give out a generous portion🌝

What a great option to have yummy healthy lunch option for very good value!
I love

that you can bring your own container and get one topping extra!

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