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Most helpful reviews

This is so good! My friend had this and I wish I ordered this instead

of my seaweed fried rice. The avocado is so creamy and the fried rice is very fragrant. The fried rice is coated in truffle oil and the taste resembles din Tai fung's fried rice.

Tastes amazingly simple and clean. My family were all trying to figure out what ingredients

are used to prepare it. Makes you take mouthful after mouthful, addictive!

First time ever hearing about a dish like avocado fried rice, so this definitely scores

points in the originality front! I heard it also uses truffle oil. Although avocados and truffle oil give me the impression that it’d be quite oily and heavy, I was surprised to find the rice quite light, esepcially if you share it with others and don’t eat too much of it. Very fragrant and yummy.

It is super yummy~ creamy delicious plate of green goodness.

I’m a lil disappointed cos

there were no avocados on top of my fried rice. 😞 but still it is really yummy.

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