Temple Wings Buffalo

  • Is Temple Wings Buffalo vegan? Yes! Temple Wings Buffalo is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

I loved buffalo wings and it’s been amazing to find the same taste at the

Temple of Seitan.
Loved them!

I just love buffalo wings and miss the taste very much.
Most of the flavour

really comes from the sauce but these wings also have a fantastic texture to it.
4 are pretty filling already.

I really like the fast and nice service at the Temple of Seitan.
A must go when in London

#veganlondon #ukvegan #seitan #hailseitan

I waited so long to try this and was not disappointed! I ordered both of

these and was shocked at not being able to finish them (I eat a lot! This was suuuper filling). A GREAT mayo to mock meat ratio. Will go again 🍗 #newarc

avevo grandi aspettative malamente deluse. La panatura è eccessiva e non è ben fritta, quindi

vi arriverà questa “aletta” gigante intrisa di olio

When I was on vacation, I was told several times to check out Temple of

Seitan, and I was super excited to. Their wings were alright, nothing special to be honest. I found the hot sauce overpowered the wing. I really liked their chicken in the burger form though.

Buffalo wings with a ranch dressing 😫😍 these are good but quite spicy

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