Temple Burger

  • Is Temple Burger vegan? Yes! Temple Burger is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

This burger lives in my head rent free, it was delicious and the patty was

insanely good!

Temple of Seitan does the best burgers! I usually get this one, which has their

classic seitan chicken patty, bacon, cheese, ranch mayo, gherkins and lettuce. So good!

Absolutely delicious! The chickn was my favourite part- so realistic and stunning. The “bacon” was

amazing if you like smoky bacon rather than fleshy bacon and it was quite salty in a nice way. The ranch mayo was lovely too as was the cheese. Only downside is the price- £8 is rather pricey!

Incredible! Staff were so friendly and helpful. The temple burger was just out of this

world. Nothing like I've had before for a vegetarian/vegan burger! If only there was a temple in every town and city across the UK!

I really liked the taste of that burger. Super crunchy „bacon“ - doesn’t taste exactly

like Bacon but nevertheless real good taste! Even the „cheese“ was delicious which is rare for me.

A great burger for those missing the multiple layered, cheese dripping burgers! I like it

very much but I guess my taste now has changed slightly and I no longer am too fond of very cheesy food. In any case an amazing burger!!

This burger was epic. I'm still quite used to meat and this was really incredibile.


This restaurant is incredible. You get so much food for the price and it’s amazing

quality. Some of the best vegan fried chicken I’ve tried, with such a unique flavour. The vibe of the restaurant is also very cool and relaxed, it’s a must try.

Had the temple of seitan burger and it was nice but I wasn’t blown away...

especially for the price!! Their wings are incredible though so will be getting them again when I can.

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