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Made my way to Fajar Road for lunch today as my friend highly recommended it.

It definitely did not disappoint. The ‘chicken’ which was made from tofu had a nice texture and the rice was so well flavored. The chili was spicy and it definitely enhanced the whole chicken rice experience.

One of my fav vegetarian places, ten minutes away from home. Queues are usually pretty

long but foods great.

The chicken rice was very fragrant and flavorful. Chilli was quite spicy and added a

nice kick to the rice. What struck me was the popularity of the stall. It was odd to see a long queue at the vegetarian stall (there were 15-20 people in front of me 😮‍💨) but no queues at the other non-vegetarian stalls in the coffee shop selling duck rice, mala etc. It seems that if one could cook tasty plant-based food and sell it at mass-market prices, many people would turn vegan without even realizing it. 🤔 #chickenrice #veganinsingapore

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