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Most helpful reviews

Delicious! So nutritious and packed with flavour. It was really filling and the mix of

ingredients gave it an amazing texture. I liked the presentation too.

Such a delicious bowl of food and was so healthy! Great price too

This was a very filling meal although I found the two bean chilli way over

spiced - and I say that as a spicy food and curry lover. Perhaps the curry powder wasn’t cooked for long enough but it just made my nose run and obscured the actual taste of the chilli. I ended up tempering it by mixing in the guacamole, quinoa and sun dried tomato pesto which isn’t how I prefer to eat my food. Overall, good value for money and I would order it again if they adjusted the cooking method of the beans #chilli #beans #guacamole #quinoa #southafrica #pigsnpaws #greyton #southernveganupnorth

Absolutely delicious bowl. Great taste and decent heat on the chilli. My go-to option every

time. Service is amazing as well. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Must be the best bowl I ever had, filling and healthy

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