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My response to this was the same as @dafnelately 's - where's the promised #artichoke?

🧐 I eventually found perhaps just a quarter of a heart upon deeper inspection (similar to what my doctor will find when I eventually undergo an autopsy someday 😛) but that's nowhere near enough - #dontlietome these are really #potato #tostadas 😒 Nothing against the spuds obviously, #carbsforlife, but man #daylightrobbery after dark 😵‍💫

Flavour was pretty good though, the #cashew #crema and the red #salsa both did their work 🙂

Where are the #artichoke bits though? 😭 This was almost entirely potato! 🥔

It was nice

but I feel a little bamboozled 🤏 Either that or these were very different artichokes from the ones I’ve usually had 🤷‍♀️ @stevenneoh found a tiny heart in his but I’m not convinced— artichokes and potatoes are clearly the same and this is the evidence 📸

It was nice nonetheless 😋 It seems to be covered with the same cashew #crema their coat their cauliflower with so it’s an absolute winner 🏅 Oh and plus the purple corn #tostadas! I love how unique the cuisine is here 🤗

#mexicanfood #special #omnivegandining

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