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by Sunny Slices


4.23 (29)

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4 October 2020
#veganisnotscary #day4 restaurante 100% vegano con diferentes sabores de pizzas !!

Si bien yo no soy muy fan de las pizzas (prefiero mil veces las hamburguesas 🙈) me gustó bastante el lugar! Éramos varios así que probamos casi todos los sabores y creo que solo la de "seafood" no me gustó

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3 February 2021
This is my favourite pizza from Sunny Slices!

Love the texture of the mock meat and how it combines with the sauces. #abillionlove

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28 September 2020
Make those #heura chunks into karaage next too please!

While fried, there's not much taste in them. But there's the mayo for that. Everyone really enjoyed this one!

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4 December 2020
happy fridayy!!✨ love the pizza and fries from sunny slices - tastes good and easy to

order when hosting parties🎊 #veganin2020

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1 September 2020
This new place opened up and ZERO ragrats on any of the things I ordered

even though I had to pay a $10 delievery fees. Great flavours, from the crispy meat things to the crunchy cabbage. Would highly recommend the puff pastry...

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28 August 2020
I cannot say enough good things about this!!

They have a regular pizza base and a “Puff Pastry Base” which was what I got, and it’s so good!

The fried Heura chicken chunks were 💯👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 and the sweetness of the Tonkotsu sauce with the saltiness everything was...

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30 October 2020
🍕 review 1/5: My second favourite pizza from sunny slices.

I like the raw cabbage topping, it adds a crunchy texture. The mayo (?) sauce binds the flavours together.


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22 February 2021
1/15 I went to a pizza party recently where we tried 15 different types of

pizza! This pizza was pretty unique with the katsu style ‘chicken’ shredded cabbage, seaweed and mayo. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of the seaweed flavour so not my favourite, but pretty good 😋 #abillionlove

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24 November 2020

this pizza is what feels like the restaurant’s take on a classic bbq pizza, only slightly different because they use a housemade bulldog sauce paired with kewpie mayo— that in turn really gives it a special feeling, like a pizza you might be able to find in a fusion.. izakaya restaurant or something- except in this one we’re spared from having godforsaken fish as an ingredient in everything ;o) 🔪

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8 October 2020
High up on originality with Heura chicky chunks, red cabbage and vegan mayo!

The flavours blended well together, and aesthetically it looked like a rainbow on a pizza 🙈🌈 The heura chunks were DELISH 👅 On the pricier side, and was expecting a larger pizza though 👀 #veganisnotscary

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