Veggie Burrito (No Cheese)

by Stuff'd
4.40 (1)

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It's hard to take a photo of Stuff's wrap doing it proper justice. This stuff

is delicious and always satiating! Ask for no cheese and also avoid their buttered corn and mashed potato to ensure it's vegan. Loads more other ingredients you can choose such as guac, hummus, black beans, couscous, salsa and veggies! You can also choose more than 1 sauce. Personally I think the spicy habanero sauce is a must-try because you don't get this from other wrap stalls or eateries offering wraps! It's SUPER spicy though, fair warning. I mixed it with sweet Thai chili and it was perfect! #crf

Im glad Stuff’d now has the vege option,apart frm their Impossible selection.Cos some,or most days

i just don’t feel like having meat substitutes.

U can choose either guacamole or hummus for the main protein.
Just be sure to hv the sauces whc are vegan safe ones,i always go for spicy habanero and/or sesame dressing.

One of those go to quick fix dinners when im in between work or wen im too tired to think after a whole day of class.
This burrito is very big so i shared ths with my friend.

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