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I got this 🌯 again after some time. It was absolutely delicious and hearty. Veggies,

guacamole, sweet Thai and BBQ sauce, couscous, rice and beans. I added extra beans and rice and was pretty full. (Corn and mashed potatoes sides are not vegan). It cost $6.80, pretty reasonable for what I got. The bowl would cost a bit more and without the wrap, I find the bowl not quite filling enough. Costs even more with Impossible. I think the good old veggie burrito 🌯 is the best value for money here.

Very filling and nourishing! 😋I chosed to add cabbage, lettuce, onion, tomato, and cucumber with

hummus. For the sauces, Habanero (super spicy🔥), BBQ, and sweet Thai chilli are vegan. I requested to add black beans which they gave generous serving! I was definitely satisfied! 💚

Very carb heavy, I wish they would provide more options for their burrito, the bowl

version offers a lot more ingredients. Always in love with their stickers to seal the burrito and also the aluminium foil with their brand logo on it is very innovative! The server gave me extra rice and beans and this cost about $6.80, very filling meal! 💚 #abillionturns3

This is a wholesome, healthy dish that is convenient to eat on the go .

I like burritos because you can add some carbo (rice and couscous) and protein (black beans) and not just veggies. Got this with all veggies, tomato salsa and hummus (you can choose guacamole as well). For vegans avoid the cream and cheese.

Stuff’d never fails! Veggie burrito is my go to. For vegan sauces, go for habanero,

bbq, and chilli Thai sauce. 🌱

This is a cosmopolitan burrito with hummus, couscous and other non-Mexican ingredients. I’m cool with


🌯 #burritotuesday - i still feel the fullness in my stomach looking at this pic😂😂

i don’t like it personally mostly because it tastes pretty usual - but love how big the portion it is🌝 #veganin2020

$6.80 is expensive but the wrap n beans r real gud!

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