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Veggie Bowl

by Stuff'd


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23 May 2019
This was amazing, very healthy and filling. Have the salad veggies as a base and

we can choose 5 toppings. Very nutritious and tasty.

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Love this salad bowl and it’s the first time I’m trying it with the impossible

meat inside. I really enjoy the way they marinate the impossible meat. The other ingredients are fresh too. Price is very affordable and worth it. #crf

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Been a very long time since I last ate from here. Really love their brocolli,

edamame and black beans, overall a really nutritious dish! Shall add more carbs next round! 💚 #abillionturns3

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Had a bday voucher lmao, very generous and filling meal especially if you +1.5 for

adobo beans! Tried out the wasabi eggplants and they’re meh, my fav part is the base + hummus + beans🤣

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All the non-meat toppings are vegan except the corn and mashed potato! Everything is rly

flavourful, I rly like the beans :) Super oniony tho! (Note I added the walnuts myself)

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Love the generous portions of tasty & healthy food! Avocado mash is good and I

like to eat it together with the soba noodles.

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i liked how you can customize the bowl to whatever ingredients 😋 this was healthy

and filling!!

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Delicious, filling, and value for money. The owner also does charity and provide free meals

for vulnerable children.

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