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Impossible Kebab

by Stuff'd


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12 October 2022
I like the impossible meat and there are varieties of vegetarian sides that you can

choose from Stuff’d. There are kebab, burritos and daily bowl for you to customise your meal with different sauces too.

Below is the sides that I had chosen for my lunch!

Impossible TM Ala Carte(Daily bowl)

- [ ] Iceberg Lettuce
- [ ] Cabbage
- [ ] Tomatoes
- [ ] Cucumber
- [ ] Onions

- [ ] Couscous
- [ ] Adobo black bean
- [ ] Edamame
- [ ] Mala Tofu
- [ ] Tangy Tong Hoon

- [ ] Habenora

Must try their mala tofu if you like some spiced in your meal 😋

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Main: Impossible Rendang
Base: Lettuce, Tomato, Purple cabbage, Onion, Cucumber
Sauce: Habanero
Extra topping: Guacamole

Verdict: Been buying their

wraps/bowls for a while now, and I must say I really like their Stuff (plus it's relatively affordable hence explains the long queues for it). Today was my 1st time trying their impossible meat. Their "Rendang" was the highlight of this dish as it was really delicious! The veggies and guacamole were fresh, making the kebab very appetising. I picked the habanero sauce, which is the only spicy sauce on the menu because I like my stuff spicy. Luckily, the staff serving me warned me that it might be too spicy for me, so he only added a dash of the sauce. It was indeed really hot, so I am really thankful for the great customer service from that guy. I could probably eat 2 of this at once without getting sick of it! The only thing that disappointed me was that the tortilla wrap was too thin, resulting in all the ingredients and sauce kinda breaking through it at the bottom, so I couldn't avoid making a huge mess out of it... 😋

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Had their impossible rendang meat bc this was the only impossible meat on their menu

that day and I wanted to try one as a fan of stuff'd. Surprisingly delicious, though I'm not really sure how a real one should taste like bc I don't really like to eat rendang haha.

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