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3 May 2021
These are possibly the closest fries I have had to McDonald's, which (regrettably) I used

to really like, pre-vegan life! I could've eaten several orders of these! #abillionturns3 #minnesota #fries

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5 May 2021
These were perfect fries!

They’re fast food style, and were the perfect side with a burger and a shake! #abillionturns3

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14 October 2022
This is amazing!!

Save the animals!! Go vegan!! 🌱

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3 December 2021
These fries are less interesting to me than the sweet potato ones.

I’d enjoy them more if they were a thicker cut, or sprinkled with a fun spice mix. Something to think about, Stalk & Spade: spice mixes for your fries.


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27 August 2021
You’ll get what you want from a fry out of these.

A bit salty though

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1 June 2022
From the Edina, MN location.

Hot and yummy! Not sure if they are worth the $3ish, but taste like the "classic fries from the golden arches"chain.

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13 March 2022
Delicious fries, definitely reminds me of getting fast food fries as a kid.

Super good, oily and salty 🤤

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19 August 2021
Also one of my favs!

Better than that place that starts with a M in my opinion and 100% vegan 🙃

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