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4.97 (6)

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8 May 2021
nuggets were my favorite before i was vegan, so you bet your butt i’ve

tried several alternatives. they’ve all been good but this is by far my favorite! i’d believe you 100% if you told me these were from...

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26 May 2021
Crispy and delicious!

I tried the fancy sauce which was alright, but the nuggets are great just the way they are! #nuggets #abillionturns3

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18 May 2021
This entire restaurant is AMAZING!!

The burgers are incredible and the Chick’N nuggets taste just like their non-vegan! The peanut butter cookie shake is a MUST HAVE!! Overall, you can’t go wrong with anything from this place!!

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2 May 2021
These are really good, texture is nice and they offer 7 different sauces to pick

from to dip them in. Perfect for kids, they will never know the difference. #abillionturns3

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14 October 2022
This is amazing vegan chick’n!!

Veganism is great!! 🌱

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27 August 2021
Tastes just like real chicken.

Great deal. Delicious

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