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  • Chorizo Empanada

Chorizo Empanada

by Sprout Plant Based Fusion


4.10 (2)

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16 December 2021
I normally love everything I have here but I’m gonna have to give

this and “okay”. The pastry part was a little doughy and tough to cut through. I would recommend their quiches if you’re ever here #veganisnotscary

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15 January 2021
The pastry was flakier than I was expecting, but that's no criticism.

The vegan #chorizo (same as is used in their subs and salads) stole the show - chewy and smoky and meaty, and not at all greasy ☺️. It was accompanied by peppers and sweet corn in the filling (see second picture, though it isn't the greatest 😐), so there was a nice balance to it. Another great option by...

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