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So this delicious Freedom Bowl consisted of:
Tofu, Quinoa, Beet Miso Hummus, Sustenir Kinky Kale, and

Spiced Chickpeas dressed in Sweet Chilli Soy Vinaigrette topped with Dukkah.
Very vegan friendly.
Oh Yum!

Not bad. Wish there was a sauce like pesto and less olive oil in the

kale (too oily)

Freedom Bowl from the Salad Fork! (under soup spoon) You can customise what you want

in your salad, there are many vegan & vegetarian options are available! i personally chose the vegan falafel & it was really nice! not overwhelmingly flavourful & had a great texture, i strongly recommend :) I’ve inserted a picture of what’s in my freedom bowl for anyone interested. oh, and it’s halal for all my muslim friends! Packaging is also compostable & sustainable. Great brunch idea!

With Hainanese ginger scallion meat-free fillet. I added dukkah which was a mistake cos it's

too spicy for me! The corn is also kinda limp and lame. Otherwise quite a filling and nutritious meal.

Me loves customisable salad bowls so much!! There could be more variety for toppings like

mushroom, onions and more vegan protein options but it was still really good! Maybe not worth the money when I compare to other places but still okay!


Really good I like how the actually bothered to soften the kale (some places serve

it totally raw and it’s hella rough). Really yummy but portion is kinda small. Still for $10.80 it’s g

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