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Seitan Chicken and Waffles

by Souley Vegan


4.68 (5)

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27 June 2021
I had never heard of chicken and waffles until I was already a vegetarian, so

I'd never experienced this hybrid of dinner and breakfast food before (though of course I'd seen it at lots of brunch places over the years). Trying it today was still a surprise because I got a distinct "flavor of Thanksgiving" on top of a waffle with syrup. This review probably sounds ridiculous because I have nothing meat-centered to base this review...

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10 October 2020
Oh man, tastes too good to be true.

Absolutely delicious. The chicken is made from seitan which sometimes upsets my stomach (seitan and waffles is gluten overload for my system!) so I just had a couple bites but my hubby happily gobbled up the rest. The taste was...

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14 February 2019
Souley Vegan is always delicious and the staff is so welcoming and friendly.

My go-to is the chicken and waffles. Also pictured is the southern fried tofu bowl, which was also super yummy!

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7 February 2020
The most delicious treat to grace my tastebuds!

The chicken and waffles are an absolute delight and I recommend of you can try it, do it. Also, the butter here is INCREDIBLE.

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9 March 2019
Absolutely delicious.

I'm a pancake guy, but these waffles make me a believer.

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