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Most helpful reviews

$11.90. Comes with a v thin buttercream base & fragrant fried curry leaves. V crispy

and light batter with oyster mushrooms encased inside! :)

From a cute lil’ plant-based cafe with a woody aesthetic & a mix of cushioned and wooden seats :) #mushroom #deepfried

Another new item on their menu! It’s basically fried mushrooms but with a creamy butter

base, never got to ask what kind of butter just that it went super well with the bibimbap! 🤤🤤🤤

Presentation of dishes looks pretty good! Love the cosy and comfortable ambience, filled with warm

lights and comfortable cushion chairs(some). Food is average but not bad. Good restaurant if you do not mind spending a little more and want to stay in a comfortable and cosy cafe to chit chat with your friends/families and also do not have very high expectations of the food. My photos shown are unagi don, butter cream mushrooms and kolo mee:)

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