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super generous portion of fries and sauce! the vegan mayo tasted so much like real

mayo I couldn't believe that it was vegan 😂😂 but I think the generous amount of mayo covered up the taste of the lovely vegan cheese too so I'll definitely be asking for less "mayo" next time!

the nacho cheeze fries is so AWESOME!! the nacho sauce is perfect and i love

the vegan mayo and cheeze sauce😍

The fries tasted a little strange. Like too starchy/mushy? Probably didn’t help that I got

But the cheese! The cheese is homemade and it was so good! And so was the mayo. The cheese reminded me a little of kfc cheese fries. They gave a generous amount as well.
Wish they just sold the cheese with no fries. I would buy that. #veganisnotscary

i think no one can resist this even the healthiest of vegan!! the nacho cheese

is soo good i think it might be made of cashews. It had colour and good flavour :)) never used to like real nachos because it has a sickening feeling after but this is a really great alternative

These fries are decent. The nacho “cheese” sauce was too sweet and wasn’t to my


This is a filling snack, finger licking good and so is their Teriyaki Udon both

delivered in bio degradable containers

It just didn’t do it for me 😔 I don’t think the flavours were very

well balanced sadly...but they were very generous with their portions and drizzle, just too much for me to handle!!

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