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Nacho fries

by Soul Alife


4.14 (7)

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4 December 2020
It just didn’t do it for me 😔 I don’t think the flavours

were very well balanced sadly...but they were very generous with their portions and drizzle, just too much for me to handle!!

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19 May 2020
This is a filling snack, finger licking good and so is their Teriyaki Udon both

delivered in bio degradable containers

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7 October 2020
The fries tasted a little strange.

Like too starchy/mushy? Probably didn’t help that I got takeaway.

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21 September 2020
These fries are decent.

The nacho “cheese” sauce was too sweet and wasn’t to my liking.

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24 April 2020
the nacho cheeze fries is so AWESOME!!

the nacho sauce is perfect and i love the vegan mayo and cheeze sauce😍

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27 September 2020
super generous portion of fries and sauce!

the vegan mayo tasted so much like real mayo I couldn't believe that it was vegan 😂😂 but I think the generous amount of mayo covered up the taste of the lovely vegan cheese too so I'll definitely be asking for less "mayo" next time!

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23 April 2020
i think no one can resist this even the healthiest of vegan!!

the nacho cheese is soo good i think it might be made of cashews. It had colour and good flavour :)) never used to like real nachos because it has a sickening feeling after but this is a really great alternative

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