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WOW i was not a fan of non-vegan carbonara as the milk and cream taste

is too strong for me and i will get sick of it after eating it for quite some time but this amazingly shook me and makes me crave for more as its soy and its not sickening since the cream is not too strong and distinctive and everything jus balanced out pretty well!

This tastes AMAZING! I was wondering how they would make it creamy without dairy and

I am not a fan of soy so I was very skeptical about how it would taste. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised and it didn’t have that soy taste at all! It was really creamy and delicious. Definitely try it out!

I'm not really that big of a fan for cream based pasta. But decided to

give it a try today.
Not too bad actually, well I added shitloads of chilli powder though.
But really, it's one of the better cream(plant based) pasta I've had.

I feel like the pasta is overly rich and the taste is a bit bland

after a while but i really enjoyed the first few bites of the pasta, really affordable though!! 7.5/10

Can’t wrap my head around what it tastes like, but would say it has a

rather distinct miso taste, a little bit salty and creamy. Not your usual carbonara.

Tried this cos of the high ratings. So so for me though. Guess I don’t

like their variety of mushroom. Strange texture felt like a in between fresh and dried. I do not like dried mushrooms.

Price point is reasonable though. (:

I love this pasta dish. For someone who avoids cheesy taste - this one is

best. It’s not heavy and well blended. Spaghetti cooked al-tante and chewy.

It was extremely creamy, with a generous serving of mushrooms. It did taste kind of

mild, the mushrooms overpowered it a little.

when ordering my sister, “ no dont get this i can make it myself..” +

weird noises
when i came home, empty box & “ we finished it all” oops :(
i waNT MY SOY Creamy pasta 😭

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