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Buddha Bowl

by Soul Alife


4.62 (36)

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1 January 2021
$10.90! omg I haven’t been to soul alife in so long and finally returned

for my birthday🥺 I remember loving this the last time and i still do! every single component was well done and went very well together. although the chickpeas were a little hard and tasteless...

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23 January 2021
came all the way to Expo after hearing that Soul Alife is closing down 🥺

really liked this dish, super vibrant colours and great variety! best part was definitely the creamy beetroot hummus. the roasted turmeric cauliflower came in a close...

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4 December 2020
amazing dish!

it was warm and filling, and the beetroot hummus was 🌟exquisite. look at the quality ingredients too!!! love it would recommend 10/10

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4 January 2021
Always so good to eat this ❤️ the colourful mixed ingredients mixed well and tasted

yummy 😋


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31 December 2020
I especially love the pink thingy aka beetroot hummus!!!

The ingredients also came together very well since there was a combination of fresh and fried, sweet and savoury. Idk they just make a very nice and filling meal🥳

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18 April 2020
i looooooove buddha bowls and soulalife's has gotta be one of my favourites!

quinoa, beans, tofu, veggies, mushrooms, hummus — such a substantial amount of yummy food to fill the tummy. 😋

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7 November 2019
💟 Have you ever wonder why this dish is named "Buddha bowl"?

This overstuffed bowl of all the goodness resembles the bowl of the Buddha stuffed with all the food offerings. Using one word to describe this dish, I would say "ABUNDANCE"! I believe many of us have tried this...

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19 July 2019
I really really like this.

I love hummus and soulalife made me fall in love with beet hummus (i dont even like beetroot) i also really liked the mushroom and turmeric cauli! It was also super filling despite it looking unassuming

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16 November 2020
Absolutely love this!

Feels super nourishing to the body:)

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2 October 2020
The beetroot hummus is sooo good.

I think what makes this dish alive is d hummus.

The Japanese gyoza was good too,I just wished it was slightly bigger.

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