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BBQ Burger

by Soul Alife


4.47 (6)

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23 September 2019

personally love burgers and bbq sauce flavors in general so this was a match made in heaven! also - sweet potato fries were great, not crisp but soft (which is how i like it). :)

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15 April 2020
Really enjoyed the crustiness and flavour of the sweet potato fries and patty!

This was such an original dish

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30 April 2020
the bbq sauce is oozing out from the burger and its so savoury!!

perfect combo w the air-fried sweet potatoes fries which are not salty at all!!

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10 November 2019
Classic but very tasty, and the sweet potato fries are very good

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3 October 2019
A simple but tasty dish, and the sweet potato fries are really good

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28 April 2020
the bbq burger and teriyaki burger looks so similar but their homemade patties are different


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