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  • Vegan Bomb Wrap

Vegan Bomb Wrap

by Soet Society Café


4.35 (4)

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11 December 2020
Damn good.

Packed with a whole lot of whole foods, roast veg and beetroot things.


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26 September 2020
One of the best wraps.

Delicious hummus, roasted veggies and avo

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12 December 2019
Wrap had beetroot, chick peas, fried peppers, hummus and avo - served with chips or salad.

Very tasty but to be honest felt it a little pricey at R96. Lots of vegan options on the menu which I'd like to try - including a delicious looking vegan chocolate cake!

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2 April 2020
delicious and amazing food combinations, but a little pricey.