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  • Waffle and 2 flavored snowballs
  • Waffle and 2 flavored snowballs

Waffle and 2 flavored snowballs

by WS Deli Experience Store


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25 August 2019
Lil one calls it Sydney Opera house due to its presentation.yum indeed.

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This is $8, including a scoop of ice cream(premium ice cream +$1). This is actually

very worth the price because normal waffles from cafes are usually so much more expensive. The presentation is beautiful. The waffles are very crispy but a little undercook inside. First ever vegan waffles my family and I have tried, and my omni Mother could tell this was vegan. The waffles itself isn’t that sweet so the ice cream and chocolate sauce makes up for it, tho the chocolate sauce might be a little too sweet if you eat too much of it in one mouthful. Good addition of nuts on the top for an extra crunch. Overall, I feel like this is a nice dish and place to hang out with friends rather than family as it might be too sweet for parents. #crf

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the waffle was a good balance between fluffy on the inside and crisp on the

outside. really reminded me of the non-vegan waffles i used to like :,)))) the chocolate hazelnut ice cream tasted like nutella without being too overwhelming. the biscoff ice cream had a nice biscoff fragrance. love smoocht's desserts 😍

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it is crunchy and warm and perfect with the ice cream! ice cream were rich

(very rich!) chocolate and strawberry. the ice cream scoops were very big

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Top up a dollar for a matcha flavoured waffle! The matcha taste was not really

strong though. Waffle was crispy but may be a little too hard/dry. Their dark chocolate ice cream is one of my favourite flavours. I’ll be back again!

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w/ hazelnut ice cream
really good cripsy waffles! (though i'm personally more of a fluffy waffle

kinda gal)
liked how the ice cream wasn't overly indulgent or creamy and the hazelnut flavour wasn't too overpowering either!

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unfortunately i just found out they don’t sell their ice cream cookie sandwiches anymore....so had

a waffle with chocolate sauce instead which was also nice

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