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18 November 2021
Finally got to try it. It is one of the more popular dish i think.

I happened to have gotten the last one 😃. Thanks to my frenss for giving the last piece to me 🥰🥰🥰. Anywayss it supperrr delicious

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been long since i ate vegan lasagna! would recommend to eat w frens when u

give smoocht a visit so ur pocket will not have a big hole and u can try more variety of food if u share!😝

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Finally tried @smoocht’s classic lasagna with flavourful layers of eggplant, spinach, mushrooms, tomato ragu sauce

& housemade nut cheese 🫔😋 #abillionturns3

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Look at that liberal portion of savory sauce! The filling contains eggplants. And the amount

of herbs they used made this very appetizing. They usually offer this during weekends. #crfsg

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i reallyyyyy loved this! the nuttiness of the 'cheese' paired well with the tangy tomato

sauce and fresh mushroom/spinach. the noodle layers were al dente with a pleasant chew. will definitely be back for this :-D

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