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The braised tofu and vegetables are crisp and flavorful. You get broccoli, garden snap peas

with chestnuts in brown rice. The soup is peppery and full of ingredients like shredded bamboo shoots?, mushrooms etc.

Only $6 and you get a healthy and yummy lunch❤️
I usually bring my own food

but when I have to buy this is my place to go😋

I love this new offering! 🙌 The restaurant usually only serves 1 dish of the

day so it’s really up to your luck what you receive 😋 Today’s something I’ve never had here before, #sharkfin soup with #chestnut rice 🥢 A #chinesenewyear special, perhaps? In any case, this was really good 😌 especially at the deal I got it at; S$5.70 instead of the advertised S$6 for dine-in. They usually charge an additional S$0.50 for #takeout 😉 The base price here was in fact S$5.50 but I got charged an additional S$0.20 for the #soup container. I offered to have them just pour a spoonful or so over the rice because I actually like soggy rice but they recommended against it 🤷‍♀️ After trying it though, I maintain my position that it’s fine to have the soup poured over the rice. It’s just a bunch of #mushrooms in a slightly more slimy than water texture. You can use #lessplastic this way too! I would’ve put the soup in my stojo cup had I not left it at @waterlily’s place 🙈 The rice toppings were pretty simple. A couple stems of #broccoli with french beans and some incredibly flavourful #tofu 🫘 Honestly I need to start marinating mine like @m1tch9i does if I intend to up my cooking game 😂 It’s just.. I don’t have the fridge space for it in my unit! I’d get this again if I’m feeling lazy to go elsewhere since it’s just a stone’s throw away from my office but otherwise, a plenty great one-off feast 😇

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