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There is an extensive range of vegan restaurants Kuala Lumpur. I got addicted to one:

Simple Life. I went there at least three times a week. They do traditionally Malaysian cuisine - my favourite was a curry with lion's mane mushroom. But they also do other cuisines, including sushi! A short comment from my Hungarian bf Tamás: here are some things that we are defo gonna write to (+poke) them about: we wonder whether they are a worker co-op? (like Gólya presszó in Bp: Second question: do they have any organic plant-based meals? We think there would be a market niche for that... like basically anywhere (the legal differentiation of "non-organic" and "organic" produce is basically an euphemism for "poisonous" and "a bit less poisonous"... which is an outrage! All fruit & veg (+any plant-based food) should be organic, everywhere, not just the privilege of wealthy citizens who can afford to buy the more expensive, healthier stuff). If you liked my review, you can follow me on @veganvstravel on Instagram or Facebook. I wrote a whole blogpost about vegan restaurants and eating out in Budapest here:
Go vegan!! :)

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