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  • Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves
  • Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves

Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves

by SHU Vegetarian


4.16 (5)

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24 November 2020
Super great sambal sweet potato leaves dish!

One of the best I've tasted ever!!

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20 December 2020
Too much sodium 🤐

Bring your own water or buy their Ice Mountain in store 🤪

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7 August 2020
Really good dish.

Not overly spicy and a generous portion for the smallest plate. Yums!

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19 September 2020
Generous portion of vege!

Even though it was sambal flavoured, it wasn’t spicy at all.

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12 December 2021
Really nice, pairs great with white rice cause of the sauce.

Not spicy though imo. Very generous portion

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