Proper Impossible (Handmade Impossible™ Patty)

by Shake Farm
3.60 (1)

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Eating this ginormous gourmet #burger was an entire trip in and of itself 🚲 I

mean, are you seeing what I’m seeing? It’s probably gonna take me a whole day to process this 😭 I can’t believe it’s already the next day and I’m still not over it! They use Impossible Foods’s mince to produce homemade patties and top it off with a whole lot of yummy topping, best of which have to be the caramelised onions and garlic mushrooms 🍄 I also didn’t expect it to come with a salad so I ordered some baked beans as a side, which was obviously not the smartest decision 😅 So just a heads up! The beefy-ness of the #impossibleburger made it a little hard for me to palate, but that’s no fault of this burger; It’s otherwise excellent! This was also my first time dining at a “digital kitchen” where you order your food through an app like Grab and can either pick it up from a box or dine-in at the location, which is what my friend and I did. I’ve got to say it was a pretty cool experience, but the only reason I trusted it was cause the spot had a few reviews on the app & their Grab menu clearly indicates vegan items.

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