Vegetable pilau rice + aloo gobi + saag aloo

by Shahi Manzil
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Every now and then I treat myself to an Indian meal. Not everywhere though, only

from one place, which is Shahi Manzil! Especially because the very few times we changed restaurant, we found out they used ghee to prepare their veg dishes 😟 I checked with SM and they told me they use oil 👍🏻
It’s been two years I’ve been getting the same thing: vegetable pilau rice, aloo gobi and saag aloo 😂

I know that both these latter contain potatoes 😂 but I don’t like bhajis or tarka dal (sorry!), so the choice is not that vast.

Anyway! If I have to be honest, my favourite part is the rice: fragrant, flavoursome, full of different veggies (potatoes, green beens, tomatoes, carrots, onions) with a nice touch of saffron (my fav spice). Simply amazing 😋

Saag aloo & aloo gobi are also great, very tasty and rich in flavour. I wish they put more cauliflowers than potatoes, but oh well. Never say no to potatoes I guess 😂

The whole meal (rice + 2 sides) is a real bargain as altogether comes for £10.75, and serves two abundant portions (so you have food for two days or can have a meal for 2 for basically £5.50 each).

Give it a try if you live nearby in Edinburgh 😄

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