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Veggie Japchae

by Seoul Shiok
3.10 (2)

About the restaurant

Seoul Shiok
Seoul Shiok3 dishes · 4 reviews

110 Pasir Ris Central, Singapore

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Most helpful reviews

This japchae (sweet potato noodles) was just alright, nothing very special but I liked that

it was not too oily. The portion of the noodles was good but I wanted more vegetables, more in quantity and in variety - that is my main complaint! There were only strips of carrots and cucumbers, bean sprouts, and shimeji mushrooms. With these few and simple varieties of veggies, I think it should have been cheaper than its price of $5.90.

Veggies include shredded carrot, cucumber, bean sprouts and mushrooms. The sauce/ seasoning is quite flavourful

but there’s a very strong sour vinegar taste which I’m not quite fond of. But overall, for $5.90, the portion and taste is still acceptable???

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