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Rick Reuben

by Seitan's Realm


4.60 (5)

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18 February 2022
The newly improved Rick Reuben is fantastic (and I usually am not a fan of

Reubens) I loved the sauerkraut. It has so much flavor. It pairs great with the dressing, cheese and thinly sliced seitan...

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16 January 2021
I measure all rubens by the best at the Chicago Diner, and this came very

close! Bread is excellent.

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27 June 2019
This sandwich is delicious!

Definitely the best Reuben in Columbus. Rye bread filled with homemade thinly sliced corned beaf, provolone cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing.

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23 April 2022
The Rick Rueben is a SHOW STOPPER!

I’ve wondered if I’d ever get to eat a Reuben again. Been vegan since 2011, so this was a TREAT!!!

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13 March 2022
A super tasty reuben!

I would probably get no cheese on the next one.

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