• Is Shrimp Tacos vegan? Yes! Shrimp Tacos is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Shrimp (made from mung beans), three small soft shell tortillas, avocado, lime, cherry tomatoes, pickled

cabbage, spicy crema— delicious and the perfect size!

So flavorful! I love these! My omni friend was impressed with the flavor. My only

complaint is that there should be two ‘shrimp’ on eat taco. Needed a bit more shrimp! Overall, very recommendable!

This is my first shrimp, of any kind, ever! So I don't have anything else

to compare it to, but it's the right shape and it is slightly fishy. These tacos were nice and bright especially with some lime juice squeezed on top. Each of the toasted wheat tortillas are topped with avocado, fajita grilled shrimp, lime, spicy crema, cherry tomatoes, and pickled cabbage. The shrimp are made with mung beans! The serving is a bit small for a meal for me, but if you're just looking for a small bite these would be perfect.

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These were so delicious! The fajita grilled shrimp is made with mung beans, and it’s

amazing how similar the texture and taste are to real shrimp, yet it somehow manages to be even better (I was never a big fan of shrimp 😜). They’re topped with avocado, lime, spicy crema, cherry tomatoes, and pickled cabbage and are served in warm flour tortillas. #veganisnotscary

Tried this at VegFest 2021 and it was spicy and delish! Loved that this was

a plant based shrimp. Pic from seed cafe site as I devoured before I thought to get a pic.

This had pretty good flavor and the plant based shrimp was quite impressive when it

came to the taste and texture!

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