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Pesto Ravioli

by Secret Spot


4.85 (4)

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29 June 2021
The best vegan pesto ravioli! So tasty and filling

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Oh my god Ravioli in pesto sauce, soooo delicious, portion is small i wld eat

the double!

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7 April 2023
Vegan and gluten free too! Whatttt! Take my money! I loved the pesto as well

as the filling. The filling tasted like super creamy tofu. But for me it’s the circular ravioli pockets itself. Wasn’t chewy, wasn’t too thick and filled just the right amount. I am definitely going back for this dish.

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The best raviolis ever! Still can’t believe this dish is vegan. 😋
It isn’t very filling

though, I could eat two plates of these.

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