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  • Meatballs with mashed potato
  • Meatballs with mashed potato

Meatballs with mashed potato

by Secret Spot


4.20 (3)

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10 April 2023
One of my favourites. The mash is so creamy and the sauce and basil oil

on top of it is indescribably good. The meatballs are better than actual meatballs. The only big downside is that they only give you 3 meatballs. In the photo you will notice that I asked for extra meatballs on the side. I recognise that beyond meat and mock meats can be a bit pricey. But 3 meatballs is far too few. But I will continue to order this because the taste is amazing and the dish is filling :)

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Meatballs and Mashed potato, nicely put together, the mash and the meatballs are excellent, the

gravy is a little too sweet for my taste but good effort in general.

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