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Vegan Chaffle

by Seabirds Kitchen


4.57 (6)

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16 January 2020
best vegan dessert i have EVER HAD.

Yes, this takes the cake. It’s a churro in the shape of a waffle, topped with ice cream, walnuts, and chocolate sauce. it’s INCREDIBLE.

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3 February 2019
This is the Chaffle with strawberries substituted and it was so yummy, the warm sweet

churro in the shape of a waffle with the coconut ice cream and chocolate melting on it was perfection. I want to go back just for this!

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6 February 2021
This dish is insanely good.

Sweet but perfect. If you’re looking for a dessert this is it. It has some crunch, ice cream, and amazing waffle slash...

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1 April 2020
If you crave churros like I do, this will do it for you!

A cross between a churro and a waffle with vegan ice cream. Love it!!

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18 October 2018
Let’s just say I am obsessed.

I definitely don’t feel fantastic after this dessert, but holy shit it’s so damn delicious!!!

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1 February 2019
I’ve had the chaffle a couple times and it’s been great every time!

The texture of the waffle is just right- slightly crunchy with cinnamon sugar on the outside and soft in the middle. I honestly couldn’t believe it was vegan.