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Rainbow Roll

by Sea Ranger Seafood Station


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25 October 2021
This Rainbow roll is a vegan version of a California roll with avocado, vegan scallop,

ahi, and salmon sashimi.
All the ingredients work well together and can be paired with wasabi and soy sauce for an additional kick.
I picked off the salmon sashimi to get a sense of flavor on its own. I was surprised to find it was not fishy and a bit spongy. It’s so interesting how all these ingredients work so well together for a tasty bite. #veganisnotscary #vegansushi #veganfish #veganjapanese #vegansashimi

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The vegan sushi here will amaze you, especially if you were a sushi eater before.

This is a rainbow roll: California roll topped with avocado, scallop, ahi tuna, and salmon. These are konjac based as far as I know. Absolutely spectacular. Not everything at Sea Ranger is vegan but most is, including all sushi. Please go visit. Worth the drive from L.A.

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