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Homemade Mac and Cheese

by Savory Leaf Cafe


3.60 (3)

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14 March 2020
I usually don’t like getting vegan mac n’ cheese out, I typically prefer quality/quantity

to price ratio of boxed mac. However, I took a chance with this mac and it was so worth it. The sauce was so creamy and delicious and didn’t have all the pitfalls of other vegan mac n’ cheeses I’ve had out, like being tasteless or having too little...

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22 July 2020
My non-vegan sister and nephew actually love SL Mac n cheese.

For me, I guess I prefer a kind of "gourmet" version. This is reminiscent of Velveeta thick cheese sauce. Very gooey.

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15 March 2022
This was ok Mac & cheese .

I got with tempeh bacon . This is made with violife cheese sauce. Not my favorite on their menu but I’m sure it’s a lot of peoples...

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